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  1. What is the share card and how to redeem it?

A share card is a featured card in the set that represents one share of real stock and it can be redeemed on the Wall Street Trading Cards site. All you have to do is enter the serial number in the redeem section of the store! From there we will send you an electronic gift card with the share price at the market close for the company. Stockpile is the brokerage firm that will handle the trade from that point on to successfully make you a shareholder of the company you redeemed!

  1. Where can a share card be located?

There is one share card in each box (3 Packs) purchased.

  1. What if I do not want a share of that company or have an existing investment account?

There is a way to still get cash for the share or transfer, but you must follow the process to redeem the share and open the investment account. From there you can sell the stock and get cash for future investments, or transfer the share to your existing brokerage. 

  1. What are the base cards for? 

Learning the basics of that company, and fun facts about the stock market. A great way to become familiar with the some of the best public companies in the world!

  1. What is the purpose of Wall Street Trading Cards?

Check out this link here to find out more! - https://wallstreettradingcards.com/pages/about

6. What if a stock on WSTC Checklist is taken over or bought out by a larger company? Do I still receive a share?

A WSTC share redemption will be redeemed at current market value. If the stock is no longer listed, per takeover deal closing, WSTC will award you a share of equal or more value at the takeover price of the retired Symbol/Company.

7. What if there is a stock split in a company on the WSTC checklist and the company splits their shares before I redeem?

WSTC will award you the stock split adjusted share. For example, if a stock is trading at $300 and the underlying company splits 3 for 1, you will then receive 3 shares at $100 per share, or current market value at time of redemption which could be slightly higher or lower.