Education & Investing All In One!

2020 Stock Up Series 1 Available!

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Education & Investing All In One!

2021 Stock Up Series Available!

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Education & Investing

Wall Street Trading Cards introduces you to the world of investing while offering a real share of publicly traded companies inside each box of trading cards!

Each box contains packs with base cards of companies with their market data, fun facts and other great information.


A share card pulled from the box is redeemable for 1 free random share of common stock!


We help begin an investment career that can lead to a major portfolio of stocks for the future.

The Share Card!

Look for 1 in each box!

  • Real Value

    Each share card pulled out of the box is 1 real redeemable share of a publicly traded company.

  • Investment

    Instead of viewing money as something to spend, the share card helps people learn how to invest.

  • Time

    There is never better time to invest then the present! The earlier the better!

  • Earned

    Redeem this card in our redemption center to see what company and share you have received!